Yantai junheng Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the largest professional manufacturers of hydraulic hammers and spare parts in China.Focusing on R&D, Production and sales of Sparkle hydraulic hammers, specializing in the development and manufacture of hydraulic breaker. Since 2003,our products have been exporting to many countries, such as America,ltaly, Australia, India, Turkey, England, Canada , Qatar etc.the more detail>>


1.Long warranty period.

2.Wear resistant steel shell.

3.Main parts are introduced from foreign.

4.Simple operation and easy maintenance.  

5.The service life for wearing parts is extended by 500-1,000 hours compared with products of similar type.

 6.Long maintenance period, it can work at last 800 hours before maintenance.

7.The cylinder material is better than 20CROM,stronger durability, longer lifetime.

8.Compared with other brand's products, SPARKLE hydraulic breaker has more powerful stroke and reliable performances.